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Why we are different ?

A GST ready Billing cloud based software service for any big or small retail industry and it works on any device including your laptop, mobile or tablet.

Product strategy

POS system can handle an unlimited number of products and is custom made to handle large amounts of inventory, where you can choose it for purchase orders to automatically update or create them manually.

Stocks Up to date

Inventory can be quickly imported in bulk, and a central inventory system makes it possible to keep tabs on your stock across multiple locations from one system. POS inventory management is easy to trick without sacrificing functionality.

Report generation

POS allows you to import a CSV file to easily transfer large amounts of inventory; you can also import existing barcodes. It’s an inventory management feature which enough robust to handle smaller retail stores as well.

Tracking inventory

POS software being used for merchants where they can track inventory, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales, also inventory levels, gross revenues, profit margins, sales patterns and a host of other data points.

More features, More power to your business

POS system can handle an unlimited number of products and is custom made to handle large amounts of inventory..

  • Member management

    Our system is powerful and configurable B2B platform that runs a diverse range of data integrity program.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Automatically identify trends and stats of your data. Convert data into interactive dashboards.

  • SMS

    SMS will automatically send to user to keep them updated and keep them in mind about the packages and payment.

  • Role management

    Roles are distributed as per functions and requirement by the owner. Owners have access to modify permissions.

  • Payment Modes

    Any form of payment can be used, such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments.

  • Notifications

    A notification or Alert sent at every transaction to registered mobile number and email ID.

What Our Client Say About Us

A logical system that helps us to improve our productivity into this competitive market. I remember how hardly we dealt with customers questions regarding the invoices and payment, the only reason of this misunderstanding was our manual process which we were following since many years but EPS gives us a bump which automate our manual system. Thank you EPS!!

Sudeep Kataria


EPS is making our task easier, Now we handling bills and payments through online. A best billing software that also send messages to the customer for their upcoming offers and payments. We convey our mandatory information by EPS which is a boon for our business. I appreciate your working strategy.
Thanks and All the best EPS!!

Virender Arora

New Delhi

EPS helps us to make productivity into this competitive market. EPS automate our process that control the redundancy of the customer payments and customers data, Now, My team jumping into the world of digital software market and I can track my employee and their task.
Thank you EPS!!

Manohar Gaikwad


I have been using EPS from quite a while now, schemes discounts, coupons can be tracked without any problem. Additional feature such as salary check and database of customer preferences makes my task more productive.

"Thankyou EPS"

Dheeraj Yadav


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